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Nuevas tecnologías

Registros 1217

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Murata - Efficient DC-DC converter designed for rough service or industrial applications

A new development effort for industrial class DC-DC half brick converter modules is available from Murata Power Solutions. Saber más

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Recom - Medical-grade power supplies offer full performance at elevated temperature levels

Recom’s RACM series of medical-grade AC/DC power supplies offer full performance at elevated ambient temperature levels, for example in enclosures where forced cooling is not possible because of hygiene, safety, contamination or acoustic noise. Saber más

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ON Semiconductor - Intelligent charge controller targets next-generation power banks (LC709501F)

A highly-integrated new single-chip power bank solution for the development of next generation Li-Ion powered products, the LC709501F has been introduced by ON Semiconductor. Saber más

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Microsemi - New smart buffers reduces complexity with innovative approach to clock tree designs (ZL40250-ZL40253)

Microsemi Corporation has announced the availability of its ZL40250-ZL40253 miSmartBuffer devices. The highly flexible feature rich products reduce the complexity of designing clock trees for communications, enterprise switches and data center equipment by offering an innovative approach to traditional buffers. Saber más

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Texas Instruments - Low-dropout voltage regulator withstands and maintains regulation during voltage transients (TPS7A19)

The Texas Instruments’ TPS7A19 is a low-dropout linear regulator (LDO) with a wide input voltage (VIN) range up to 40V, capable of sourcing high output current (IOUT) up to 450mA. Saber más

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Texas Instruments - Step-down driverless buck controller with NVM and PMBus interface for AVS (TPS53667)

TPS53667, from Texas Instruments, is a high-current, multi-phase, step-down controller. Saber más

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Diodes Inc. - Quasi-resonant PWM controller optimizes power adapter efficiency (AP3301)

The new AP3301 quasi-resonant (QR) PWM controller from Diodes Incorporated enables the implementation of high-performance, cost-effective power supplies that are capable of meeting DOE6/COC Tier 2 efficiency requirements at all load levels. Saber más

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Linear - New 100V no-opto fly-back regulator delivers 5W from a TSOT-23 package

Significantly simplifying the design of isolated DC-DC converters, a new monolithic fly-back regulator in a TSOT-23 package has been introduced by Linear Technology. Saber más

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Rohm - High-power industrial isolated power supply control ICs for auxiliary systems

Rohm has introduced new isolated fly-back-type DC-DC converter control ICs for auxiliary supply in high-power industrial equipment such as FA/solar inverters and power storage systems. Saber más

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Cypress - Secure high-speed networking for automotive body electronics

Cypress Semiconductor have announced new devices in its single-power-supply Traveo automotive MCU family. They provides secure, high-speed networking for body electronics applications. Saber más


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